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Relaxing Can Be Hard Work

Kuniko and I are working through one of those epic weekends of alcohol and debauchery that makes every morning seem like a like the day after running a marathon. Not that I have ever run a marathon but I can imagine pretty well what that must feel like. Especially after the last couple of mornings.

Friday Kuniko had just one little meeting on Port Island south of Kobe, so I went with her into Kobe, killed some time shopping and then met her afterwards at the new IKEA store on Port Island. I haven’t been to IKEA in a long time (not since living in San Diego) and we enjoyed walking through the store and remarking on all the interesting items for sale. The furniture itself was priced very well for Japan – furniture here is usually really expensive. We’ll have to come back someday when we’ve got a house to furnish. We did score a bag of food items from the import section at the end of the store – lots of cheese!

After that we rushed off to Akashi to partake in a giant yakiniku feast, and then finally came home and eventually crashed out.

Yesterday we both had the day off (luckily) and after sleeping off the beer and meat-fest from Friday we did a few chores and then went off to buy some new chairs for the living room – ours were looking pretty grim. We got two chairs at Nitori, and then rented a few movies on the way home. I had to do a little convincing in order to rent “Almost Famous” to watch. The cover of the DVD looks like this in Japan – doesn’t exactly look like a rock and roll movie.

Then it was a wine, cheese and movie afternoon. French bread, cheese from Sweden and some roast beef and prosciutto along with a couple of nice bottles of wine – a Bogle old vine zinfandel and a Iron Stone cab franc. Somewhere in there we took a nap, and so we ended up having to stay up late in order to get sleepy. More snacks and lots of water and juice to rehydrate. In the end we went to bed after 1 a.m. tired out from relaxing so much.

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