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Yesterday I answered the Denya master’s call and joined the volleyball team for a tournament held in Okubo. This time I brought Kuniko along to play/watch/cheer. I missed the tournament last year for some reason, but it was pretty much the same format, except that there were more teams participating in the lowest skill bracket. Because of that, we had to spend a long time waiting around for our turn on the court. It was nice to give us a chance to catch up with the Denya regulars, and joke around a little bit. We did get to meet a new part time worker at Denya who was there to help – he was a really nice kid. His father and younger sister were also there.

Kuniko ended up having to go in to work before our games started, so she missed the slaughter. As usual, the Denya team sucked pretty hard. This time I noticed that none of our members seemed to mind, and some of my old drinking buddies were joking with the other team and having a good time. I think in four games we scored maybe 15 points – it takes 21 points to win one game, so you can see how we did. The other teams made certain to keep the ball away from me, worried that I was some kind of foreign volleyball ringer or something. So, I didn’t have much to do but intimidate the people facing me at the net, and jump and try to block whenever I could.

The second team we played was an all girl team that had heard my name somewhere and so kept talking about me during the game. Lots of giggling and laughter, so I checked to make sure my fly was zipped. After they destroyed us we lined up as teams and bowed to each other, and then met at center court to shake hands. I was gloating to one of the Denya guys that I had a line of girls waiting to shake my hand.

After we were swept off the courts we had to be line judges and scorers for one match, and then we headed out. I cleaned up at home and then later Kuniko drove me to Denya to meet up with some of the team and have dinner and drinks to celebrate the experience. We ended up going to a yakiniku/Okinawa restaurant down the street from Denya (I don’t blame the master for wanting to get out of the office for the evening). The food was pretty good, and I had some new dishes (pigs feet and pig ear) as well as some pretty weird looking meats to grill. We had way too much to drink, and then I staggered to the station and eventually got home in one piece.

Today I don’t really have a hangover, but I am sore from all the jumping, blocking and running around on the court. It’ll take a few days to get over it I think.

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