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It Is Monday and Friday

I spent a big chunk of this weekend working on paperwork related to entering Kawasaki as a contract employee. Actually, Kuniko did a lot of work, too. I can write in Japanese, but to write down, for example, my street address it takes nearly 60 seconds. For Kuniko to do it, it takes about 5 seconds. I had tons of paperwork to do, so we kind of teamed up to do it. But Kuniko did most of it.

It is not done yet, however. I need to get some documents from my current and soon-to-be-former employer, OTC. Tomorrow I have a day off, so I’ll head to the immigration office to get some more paperwork from them. You wouldn’t believe how much paperwork is involved here.

Today is a regular day of classes, but starting tomorrow my schedule gets weird. It will stay weird until the beginning of April, so I expect blog updates to be intermittent for a while. Maybe when my parents arrive at the end of this month they can do some guest blogging.

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