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Getting Back Into It

So yesterday was our first day back to work, and for both of us it was just a regular work day. I have two more days and then I can enjoy the weekend, but Kuniko has Friday off, and then she has to work both days on the weekend. Our schedule is a little weird right now.

Once I wrap up this week, I’ll have ten weeks in a row without a special holiday. It is a long run without a national holiday to break things up, but I think it’ll be a great chance to get a routine going that involves hard work, exercise, and a bit of weekend relaxation.

There is a really nice thing to look forward to at the end of the ten weeks – an entire week off in July. It is called a “Power Saving Holiday” and it is for my company only. That means everyone else will be working and it is a great time to go to places that normally would be packed with visitors. Unfortunately, it will be in July when it is brutally hot.

Anyway, I’m eager to get the routine going starting next Monday!

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