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Shopping, Visits and Tickets

February 24th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last weekend we had a lot of chances to get some exercise. Kuniko was working – walking with her coworkers on a hiking course that students from her school will explore next month. I was in Kobe trying to pick up some imported groceries that are a little hard to find around Okubo – cranberry sauce, blue cheese dressing, yellow mung dahl, paneer, and Chinese chili peppers in oil. Luckily all of that could be found in Kobe, but there were a lot of stops to make.

We met up in the afternoon in Sannomiya after Kuniko’s hike, and then did some errands before heading back in Kuniko’s car parked at her school.

To celebrate the Chinese new year we had dim sum at home for dinner, and then enjoyed a viewing of the original Star Wars. Kuniko got me the box set for Valentine’s Day.

Sunday we went over to visit Kuniko’s folks and we got caught up with them. They had lots of vegetables, chocolates, and other sweets to bring back home, so we are set for a while.

On Sunday we also bought plane tickets and a reserved a hotel for our summer trip. We’ll be spending a week in Moscow in the middle of August, so we had better start the visa process now. I’ve heard that it can be a complex process.

This week we have a dinner out at the end of the week at Anonyme, one of our favorites in Kobe. I may have a drink with some coworkers after work on Wednesday, so I’ll have to ride the exercise bike extra hard to fight the calorie battle.

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