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The Tadas Return

At the end of last year we accepted an invitation to have lunch at the Tada family residence in Suzurandai.  We really enjoyed our time there, eating delicious handmade sushi, and playing with their kids.  The Tadas are really friendly, laid back people.  Naturally we invited them to our place, and they came over on Sunday last weekend to take us up on the offer.

We love to host people for lunch and dinner, and so almost a month before we started to think about a menu.  Something for kids, something American, something easy for us to do on Sunday morning.  We ended up serving several kinds of sausages grilled outside on our BBQ, Kuniko made two beautiful Cobb salads, four plates of appetizers (Spanish croquettes, pinxtos, frittata, roasted potatoes with rosemary, and then I made a big dish of very cheesy mac-and-cheese.  It seemed like everything was a hit with the adults and the kids, so we called it a success.

During our lunch conversation Mrs. Tada confessed that she doesn’t enjoy cooking very much, which was almost shocking for people like us who revere cooking as something close to a religion.  They do enjoy traveling overseas, and they told us that they’d be heading to Malaysia soon for a short holiday with their kids and their own parents.  

It was a really fun lunch.  The kids had lots of energy after eating, so we played Uno, Jenga, and even got some time in playing video games and fighting giant robot dinosaurs.

We were a little tired out after hosting the kids, but we still had enough energy to clean up and graze on leftovers afterwards.  Kuniko went the extra mile with cooking and clean up and really made the party go smoothly.  We are getting better and better at hosting – it is threatening to become one of our hobbies – and we’re already setting our minds to the next guests in April.

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