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This weekend we have plans to rewatch an old favorite of ours, the movie “Chef”.  It is a fun movie if you haven’t seen it, and we enjoy it mainly because it causes us to become ravenously hungry.  

This time in preparation I’m defrosting a pork shoulder to roast and make into Cuban sandwiches, trying to follow the recipe from the movie as best as I can.  There may be some grilled cheese sandwiches involved, too, depending on how out of hand the drinking gets.

In addition, we’re planning on a Saturday morning trip into Kobe to try an early opening sandwich place (open at 7 am, serving beer, too!). I’m not shy about having beer for breakfast, and it will give us something to do while we wait for the farmer’s market to open at 9 am.  

I also made a purchase of rennet and some citric acid, so I may try to up my cheese game and move to the next stage with some more varieties of cheese.  It has been fun to experiment with cheeesemaking at home, and I’ve been using the Okinawan cheeses that we recently bought as inspiration.  

Like most every weekend, we’ll be concentrating our enjoyment around food.  Since I was a kid food has been one of the cornerstones of conversation in our family, and it hasn’t stopped since moving to Japan.    This year I have been pursuing my passion a little more deeply when it comes to food, and we’ll see where that leads down the road.  

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