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The Midpoint

This time of year is usually pretty quiet for us.  We are working through a long stretch without any long holidays, and I sometimes feel a little burned out with my schedule of classes and endless stream of students.  There are ten weeks without any special holidays between early May and mid-July, and they can sometimes feel like a slog.

To avoid the sloggy feeling, we scheduled various events on the weekends to keep things fresh.  We hit a couple of beer festivals with Yoshi and Mamiko.  We have gone out for dinner at some restaurants and held cooking parties at home trying to make the dinner of our dreams.  

This coming weekend is the midpoint of the slog, so we’ve scheduled a weekend trip to Busan, South Korea.  We originally had hoped to head to Taiwan during this weekend, but we came across some dirt cheap tickets to Busan and we had to jump.  It’ll be our first time to the city, and our goals are strictly gastronomical. 

I don’t think there is a lot of culinary variety between Busan and Seoul, but we’ll keep our eyes open and we’ll be trying everything we can.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it before we scarf it down!

Once we get back we’ll be on the other side of the hump and then we’ve got plenty more upcoming travel.  We will be heading to California in July, then in August to Georgia, Armenia, and Dubai.  Finally we booked our winter trip and we’ll spend 10 days in Egypt in December and January. 

Lots of good things to look forward to lately.  Can’t wait to document all this when we get back! 

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