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Note: These entries serve as my first impressions of a topic before reading and/or studying them in class. They can be pretty rough.

First Language Acquisition and Second Language Acquisition are fundamentally different in that they take place at two different stages of a person's development. With the possible exception of children raised in a bilingual environment, people learn their first language as children, and there is a significant gap in the learning process before they begin to learn their second. Also, children learning their first language have less mental work to do to learn the words for the objects and ideas around them.

In my experiences teaching in Japan the Japanese student learning English shows a great reluctance to stray from their first language, and taking a chance while learning a second language is rare. While this really is a social factor, my point here is that while learning your first language there is a social requirement to learn it, while the second language has no such heavy social burden of requirement.

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